Financial Institutions

If your business is business, then we should talk.  We work closely with financial institutions to securely clean their facilities.  We take special steps to ensure that the employees who enter your facility after hours to clean are not only dependable, but also trustworthy.  We check backgrounds and assign personnel who meet our mutual standards.  We provide names and information for your approval. We also take great care to ensure that the people who receive codes and entry instructions for after-hours work are the people who actually enter.  It often surprises our customers when we tell them stories about employees of some cleaning services actually subcontracting friends to do the work for cash, and passing along the information on how to enter the building in the process. In addition to security, the employees of Fox Cities Janitorial pride themselves on the quality of their work.  Conference room tables are wiped clean, garbage bins and waste baskets are emptied and lined, lobby windows and glass partitions sparkle.  Call us today for a free estimate and discussion about how you can make your janitorial service work for you!